Hacker gets Google apps running on the Nokia X

Nokia-XThe new Android-powered Nokia X was only revealed at the start of this 7 days, but already the innovative people at XDA-Developers have exercised how to get the wide variety of Google applications and services operating on the product. Customer Kashamalaga was able to get the Google Now launcher and the Google Play Store operating on the Nokia X he obtained at Mobile World The legislature.

As we described in our hands-on evaluation of the Nokia X, while the phone uses Android system as its base, most of the rule has been designed from the floor up by Nokia itself. This implies a product new system will only be able to run applications from the Nokia store, losing out on the conventional Googlemail, Google Maps and Google Hangouts applications that most Android system customers are acquainted with.

Part of Nokia’s considering behind its own edition of Android system was to advertise Nokia and Microsoft applications rather than Google’s, but it seems that coughing into the rule and eliminating its limitations is not too difficult — there are just five actions detailed in the procedure on XDA-Developers, though some level of technological information is needed to work through them.

If you were considering getting a Nokia X system but involved about a deficiency of assistance for Google’s key applications, it’s time to re-evaluate your choices. The opening procedure will gap your assurance, and may cause surprising outcomes, but if you are a tech-savvy user who prefers to research then Nokia’s Android system system now looks much more attractive.

Nokia itself does not seem extremely involved by the initiatives of Kashamalaga — “This is awesome!” said the Nokia Growth Group in a twitter update to the consumer.


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