Best Website Logo Design Of The Year 2012

When I was browsing the web to know about the latest stuffs in web design, I stumbled with an interesting article written by Jacob Cass – A graphic designer.

He had run a poll voting campaign for logo design of the year 2012. By the way he had also run such poll voting campaign for the years 2009, 2010 & 2011.

Now this is 2013 and the poll voting campaign of 2013 has been closed. This was really interesting campaign for choosing the top logo designs of the year 2012.

The number of voters is 1,207 who have given vote to 12 companies’ logos which were chosen by them.

Here are the top four logos which got high voting.

The result of top logo designs of 2012 are given below.

The first place goes to Boss Hunting:

Statistic: 24%, 288 Votes

boss-huntingBoss Hunting is a Facebook group which has gained popularity through sharing attractive & high-class images. Images are mostly of luxurious locations, consumer goods, beautiful women, famous actors etc.

Click here to know more about Boss Hunting

The second place goes to Organ Donation:

Statistic: 22%, 266 Votes

orgab-donationBrief: “To design the corporate identity for an organ donation initiative. Since it was our only tool of communication, the design had to instantly convey the message of organ donation. Whatever we designed had to strike an emotional chord and subtly prompt people to open up to the idea.”

Click here to know more about Organ Donation.

The Third place goes to Boundary:

Statistic: 17%, 202 Votes


Boundary is a privately owned corporation based in San Francisco focusing on using big data analytics and real time app performance analysis which helps corporations better manage the performance of their business critical applications as well as helps companies better understand fluctuating data flow and therefore control IT operational costs. Furthermore it also helps trouble-shoot previously undetected problems and predict system performance.

Click here to know more about Boundary

The Fourth place goes to Chair Entertainment

Statistic: 16%, 199 Votes


Chair Entertainment Group is an American video game developer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Chair Entertainment Group was formed in 2005 by Advent Rising creators, Donald and Geremy Mustard, CEO Ryan Holmes, and key members from the core design team behind Advent Rising. The company is committed to creating blockbuster entertainment franchises through development of its original intellectual properties.

Click here to know more about Chair Entertainment Group

If you want to see other results, visit Jacob Cass’s ‘The 2012 Logo of The Year’.

If you want to design such logo which increase your brand identity as well as project your business professional image in current competitive market, OrangeWire Consulting helps you in creating appealing business logo design which best describe your business.


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