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Prepare Easy-To-Read Tree Structure Using jOrgChart – A jQuery Plugin


Big organizations and enterprises consist with heavy data amount especially nested data. Manually organizing such heavy data into easy-to-read structure is quite hard to do and consume more time and efforts.

Displaying nested data into tree menus is a great way to organize.

OrangeWire Consulting – creative web design agency has come across with jQuery plugin called jOrgChart which helps to structure such nested unordered data/lists into organization chart style output.

jOrgChart Plugin’s Characteristic:

  • Supportive to any depth
  • Show/hide sub-levels while clicking on any item
  • Drag N Drop reorganization from one node to another
  • Unlimited content inside each item
  • Support any amount HTML except <ul> & <li>
  • Quite handy to visualize hierarchical data

 See demo by clicking here

Source code available here


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Thinking To Redesign Your Website – Five Significant Points You Need To Consider

Co-ordination of website redesign & important seo factors


In current competitive & technology oriented world, having website for small business has become mandatory. The website is the great tool of easy interaction. Anybody can smoothly interact with the business (company) through its official website.

The businesses are changed overtime like launching new service or product, starting new department, improve customer relationship etc…so as the business gets changed, its official website also get changed.

These all the things lead us to website redesign service. There could be countless reasons of redesigning existing website. Some of them are like you have new identity logo or you want to coordinate all your marketing stuffs on single style and color pattern or you want completely new presentation of your very old website etc…

Whatever the reason of redesigning but now it’s time to update your website. Here I give five significant points that should be in mind of your hired web design agency.

[1] URL Structure & File Name Of Website Pages:

I personally believe that URLs & file names should be taken strategically.

  • Use recommended file extensions (.php or .html)
  • Keep URL length optimum (You can take longer but shorter is more beneficial)
  • Plug your business keyword & targeted service area into your page URL



[2] Unique & Descriptive Web Page Title Tag:

I recommend every website’s page should have unique & descriptive Title tag.

  • Put your most important, low competitive & high searchable keyword at the beginning of title tag
  • Keep title tag under 70 characters
  • Use hyphen to separate keywords

Example: keyword1 – Keyword2 – Company Name

CompanyName – Keyword1 – Keyword2

[3] Descriptive & Keyword Plugged Web Page Description Tag:

I recommend to make every page meta description unique & descriptive in order to give clear idea of what the page is about.

  • Write descriptive meta description with diversified form of your main keyword
  • Keep meta description under 170 characters
  • Insert call to action in order to quick navigate user

[4] Structuring Web Page With Proper H & P tags:

In other word this is called page hierarchy.

  • Use heading tags on priority base (H1, H2, H3…H6)
  • Use H1 with the most important keyword
  • Use H2, H3…H6 for sub-topics that best describe the page
  • Use P tag to know what the particular heading tag is about

[5] Proper Use Of CSS Style Sheet:

I recommend to use CSS style sheet separately from design.

  • Use latest design tools, technology & HTML or XHTML standards
  • Keep the style of website separate from the content
  • You can easily change the look of your site by changing one line of code

If you are going to hire web designer or web design agency for the job of redesigning your site, don’t forget these five significant point because these will help you to save time, effort, and money in the long run.

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OWC – OrangeWire Consulting

OWC - OrangeWire Consulting

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